MUA Glitter Eye liner- A Big No No!



Hello lovelies,

The product comes in a standard tube holding 1.6ml.   The applicator is made of flexible plastic, I was really determined to use a glitter eyeliner for more different looks, I grabbed two glitter eyeliner by M.U.A as it was so cheap. I was really excited to create new glittering looks but unfortunately this product was just so disappointing for me.






  • The application is so dry to pick it doesn’t have enough glue or liquid, the product itself sticks to the tubes wall.
  • If you have noticed the glitters are there at the bottom of the tube and does look full of product but actually it’s just hollow in the middle due to which the product cannot be picked at all.
  • The applicator was completely useless, it doesn’t pick the product neither applies on the eyelid evenly.
  • It didn’t have enough amount of product inside.
  • It leaves a line with no product running through the middle of the eyelid due to which I had to pick the product continuously in order to finish one line.
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • It appears so patchy and erratic.
  • Excoriate or peels off after an hour or so.
  • Takes 3-4 mins. to dry off after applying.
  • The consistency and thickness of the application is so difficult.

I just am so dishearten with this eyeliner. I hardly used this twice and it’s finished.

But still for the minor disappointment with this product, it wouldn’t be holding me off from the rest of  M.U.A products. If you disagree with the review then please let me know why, I’ll be glad to hear from you :-)


Jordana Eye Primer/base



So girls this is my very first first Eye primer/ base and I’m so glad it didn’t let me down at any cost. I have quite dry eyelids  which unfortunately fades out my eye make up in just an hour, this made me so desperate to get one for me. I found this primer from  and got it order from International makeup in Pakistan, the price was eye stealing!

  • Jordana eye primer comes in a little pot with a screw-on lid,

  • Too small and cute easily can be to thrown in your travel bag.

Moreover I use it everyday because it’s so cheap you can always purchase more whenever you want.


  • No rough or harsh feelings for my dry lids as UDPP has.
  • Great price 
  • It built colors/eye shadows vivid, alive and electrifying.
  • No issues with blending at all.
  • Not condense but hydrated.
  • No creasing for long hours.
  • This product is not just a primer but a highlighter.


  • It’s thick textured.
  • And can get a little dry quick.


  • The product seems to be dry textured and hard to scoop , so it must be applied & blended with clean fingers as our fingers are warmth  and would melt it enough to blend. If you are facing with oily skin then I highly recommend this primer because it does not crease for 10-11 hours. So for this product always use your finger to apply it to your eyelid, so the natural heat from you body will melt it a little and just glide on. 
  • BEST for everyday work and school use.
  •  It works really well also under my eyes to help my powder foundation stay put. 





Definitely YES! because it’s really cheap, not heavy for the pocket at all, reliable, reputable and proved.

RATE?     4/5  ****

I’m really impressed on how it works with my eye shadows as it gives the colors even more vibrant and pigmented.


Available in Online Stores only;

Recommended stores   “Fashion Gallery VH” and “International Makeup in Pakistan”

Thank you so much for reading, i hope it helped :-)

MUA Perfection Blusher kit

mua blusher

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been using this for a long time now . Finally got the time to express my feelings for this product hehe.. I grabbed the product right away from when it was newly launched. I really loved the texture and stays longer enough than any powder blush can do. It comes with four different shades,

  • Cream Blusher Yummy
  • Cream Blusher Blossom
  • Cream Blusher Dolly
  • Cream Blusher Bittersweet

the one I have is Cream Blusher Bitter sweet as shown in the picture below;


The colour so far gives a soft and sweet look to your beauty, best for day make ups. It gives a beautiful glow to your face more over enhances your complexion. Cream blush is a multi purpose product you cannot just use it as a blusher only but can make it work for your eyes and lips. The most amazing part is that you can directly apply this blush to your bare skin, even without any foundation powder on. I use Cream blusher every day at my work it has become my favourite blusher. You can always adjust the color accordingly from light to dark. Like I demonstrated below;



How to Use:

  • Use your Index and middle finger to pick the cream blush.
  • apply it on the apple of your cheeks and pat it softly.
  • blend the shade according to the shade intensity you need and take it towards your hair line.
  • Don’t just leave the color on the cheeks make sure that you give a hint of a colour must be taken straight to your hairline.


  • Good for oily, dry and combination skin.
  • famous for its versatile and multi-purpose use.
  • Shades intensity from light to dark all in one.
  • can be use as a highlighter.
  • build-able and blend-able.
  • Perfect for all complexion or skin types.
  • stay longer for 6 to 7 hours without retouching.
  • reasonable price Rs. 350 in Pakistan; 2 pounds in UK.
  • cute and strong plastic packaging.


  • lack of stocks and available online only in JUST4GIRLS.PK

For me nothing negative came across, so I definitely love it.

Rate: 4/5 Get the the tutorial on “My Everyday Make Up routine” link:  

  Hope this review will help you choose and decide whether to take or not to take the product. Enjoy and Good luck!!

Additional Swatches by Karla:



Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick

beauty by Srena

Hello my girls,

Just got these lipsticks from Philippines, and yes I loved them!! So well moisturized, rich shade with shimmering finish, creamy textured and pigmented. It’s actually has become my current favourite lippy product, i never would want to leave the house without this lipstick i’m so obsessed of these lipsticks and am intending to get more these lipsticks very soon!

So these are the lipsticks that I have right now;



  • C 301 Rocking red
  • M 308 Sheer berry
  • M 303 juicy pomegranate


  • C 301 Rocking red




  • M 308 Sheer berry






  • M 303 juicy pomegranate






Avon has many shades from medium to dark shades of lipsticks!! I highly recommend this for all those girls who loves moisturized lipsticks, glossy texture ,scented lippies and pigmented. This lipsticks stays on for max three hours even without using any lip liner. But in my experience it does not leave any stain behind, I always keep one in my purse to freshen it up from time to time. Well, if you are wondering how it looks on my lips then here they are with three different girly glamorous shades.

avon lips





These lipsticks are amazing! You should definitely try them :-)

Hope all of you liked the blog post, for further questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or comment down below.

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